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Profile for UTAU: R and B

Name: Raewoon (レウン - Reun) ; Bichang (ビチャン - Bichan)
Meaning of Name: RとB (Aru to Bi; R and B) - lit. R&B; their name is a pun (not so) cleverly thought up by the creator, who was being silly.
Type: TESloid (UTAU)
Model: TES-12 (R) ; TES-13 (B) - both twins have their tattoos on their stomachs, with Raewoon's tattoo being above his navel and with Bichang's being below his navel.
Gender: Male
Given Age: 19
Weight: -- (both refuse to say)
Height/Measurements: 180 cm (R) ; 173 cm (B)
Birthday: January 1
Release Date: TBA
Voice Range: TBA

Genre: Pop, Dance, Hip-Hop, R&B, ballade
Character Item: Kkul Tteok
Voice Source/Actor: N/A
Likes: Dancing, fashion, music, mirrors, each other, pulling pranks/mischief, taking spontaenous photographs (R) and cooking (B)
Dislikes: Getting scolded/nagged, clutter, things backfiring, boring people/killjoys, sitting still, blackmail (R) and insects (B)  

Related Characters: Vy Onnarashikoe (play thing and/or toy)
                    Akira (friend type person)
                    Ideka Techne (they like messing with her...idk how to explain it)
Homepage: None Yet
Creator: xSaRaViix
Picture sites: DeviantArt
Media List: Youtube
Signature Song: TBA

Personality: Obnoxious, annoying, bratty and always up to no good, the twins aren't very liked by many around them. They also tend to be rather vain, thought Raewoon seem to be more vain than Bichang. They are very similar in personality except for a few things like how Bichang is the tsundere of the two and also quite frank whereas Raewoon is notorious for being a flirt and a complusive liar. The twins can get jealous rather easily and have a hard time letting things (or people) go once they've dug their hooks into it. They are also really close, so close that it scares and/or annoys people as they are always together and have a habit of finishing each others sentences.

Hair Color: Milky Blonde (R) ; Light Brown (B)
Hairstyle: Hair is styled in a layered hime cut with side locks that touches his shoulders with the longer layers being thinner than the shorter ones at the top (R) ; Thinned and layered hair that goes to his shoulders which he usually ties back into a ponytail with a widow's peak fringe and a chin length side bang on the right side of his face (B)
Eye Color: Brown
Earphones: None
Dress: Loose-fitting mocha colored sweater with  a deep v-neck collar and sleeves that go to his elbows, tight fitting black leather pants with a studded belt around his waist, a black velvet choker, and medium length belted, white leather boots (R) ; A loose fitting black tank top with spaghetti straps with a tight fitting yellow shirt beneath it, baggy white shorts held up by a black belt, medium length white, lace-up boots and a pair of white, dark tinted sunglasses sitting atop his head (B)
Nationality/Race: Korean
Favorite Phrase: "You bbangkku ddongkku!!"

UTAU Profile -- R and B by arrogantchild632

/ / / ©2010-2015 arrogantchild632
Yeaaahh...I got bored so I came up with two more UTAUs... orz

Raewoon and Bichang [R and B] (c) :iconarrogantchild632:
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